May 21, 2021 Menus


£5 Strawberry Daiquiris
Made with Don Q’s Cristal Rum

Whit me with your Rhythm Stick £7.95
Portobello Gin, Whitley Neil Aloe Gin & Elderflower Aloe Gin & Elderflower cordial are smashed together with slices of cucumber in our Boston’s and slowly double strained over crushed ice.

That Don’ Impress me Much £7.95
Shania would love it… Our Don Q Gold rum is blended with a ginger bread syrup, apple juice & drops of chocolate bitters. Then shaken and finished of with fine slices of red apple.

I’m Sorry Miss Jackson £7.95
There’s absolutely nothing to be sorry about Jack. You’re diving into a mix of angostura bitters, grapefruit liqueur and fresh lemon juice. You’re shaken and finally topped up with ginger ale.

If you Don’t Like Getting Caught in the Rain £7.95
Then try it with tequila and Don Q’s coconut rum! Our twist on the classic Pina Colada will make you come up with worse puns than us…


Pretty Fly for a Mai Tai £6.50
Clue’s in the very well crafted name.

Surfin’ BL-USA £6
Bandana man showing off his fresh ocean vibes with this wee number. Tequila, blue curacao, coconut and pineapple. It’s like a margarita but blue…