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September 27, 2016 Listings

Rugby World Cup 2019:

All Scotland games & The Final shown live with commentary. We will be open early on these days for coffees and breakfasts.

If in doubt please email us:

Live Sport shown across our 7 HDTV’s and Large Projector Screen, 7 days a week.

Live NFL, Live Scottish Rugby, Live Box Office Boxing, Live Scottish Football, Live English Football,  Live Champions League, Live 6 Nations, Live NHL, Live NBA.

Bag O’ Nails is fast becoming Glasgow’s Number 1 live sports venue

Got an obscure game you want to watch? Message us and we will stick it on for you

Open til 1am every night & serving food right up until 1am!


Wolves v Man United                              Mon@8pm

Apoel v Ajax                                          Tues@8pm

Dinamo Zagreb v Rosenborg               Wed@8pm

Villa v Everton                                       Fri@8pm

Norwich v Chelsea                                 Sat@1230pm

Liverpool v Arsenal                                Sat@530pm

Fiorentina v Napoli                                Sat@745pm

St Mirren v Rangers                               Sun@1215pm

Bournemouth v Man City                       Sun@2pm

Spurs v Newcastle                                 Sun@430pm

Barcelona v Real Betis                          Sun@8pm


Scotland v France                                  Sat@1pm

England v Ireland                                   Sat@3pm


RUGBY: Georgia v Scotland     Sat 31st August 5pm

Rangers v Celtic     Sun 1st September 12pm

Arsenal v Spurs      Sun 1st September 430pm

RUGBY: Scotland v Georgia     Fri 6th Sept 730pm

UEFA Euro Qualifier Scotland v Russia     Fri 6th Sept 745pm

UEFA Euro Qualifier Scotland v Belgium    Mon 9th Sept 745pm